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Ugii lake, locates on the centre of Mongolia, in the territory, of the Arkhangai province is one of the biggest lakes of Mongolia and has 27 km squire area. Average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3m, coastal length is 23.5m. Delicate sand and whetstone coast, the soft wave and it is very convenient to have boat adventure. Also it is enthusiastic to swimming, having sunbath, horse and camel ridding and hiking.

In winter time, you will have full opportunity to skiing, driving horse sledge and having lots of fun on the mirror like smooth ice surface of the lake. There are 150 sorts of extremely rare and rare species birds of passage come to settle down on the “Ugii” lake. Also the “Ugii” lake has 14 sorts of fish belonged to the North Atlantic ocean area such as Esoc lucius, Rutilus lacustrisl, Perca fluviatilis, leucisous idus, Cyprinus carpio haematopterus, Parassius auratus gibelio, lota, Leuciscus baicalensis, Phoxinus pall, Phoxinus peronurus, Barbatula, toni, Cobitus taenia sibisica and has plenty of fish reserves.  

The “Ugii Tour” camp
The “Ugii Tour” tourist camp, which in you are welcomed is located next to the small island named “Khoid mergen shanaa” which is a unique art of nature, on the north bank of the “Blue eyes” Ugii lake which is the perfect formation of beauty from nature and located in the centre of Mongolian territory.

The “Ugii tour” is the right junction of many major tour routes, historical sites and the best tour programs of Mongolian tourisms. For instance: the Tureg’s statue, which represents current Turkey’s ancient history, considered very large point of history is 22 km from our camp, Ancient Mongolian Capital city KharKhorum, weighed over the Asia and Europe is 70 km from our camp and we are do believe that it is definitely draws up your attentions. Meanwhile the routes to the Arkhangai and Khuvsgul provinces have a break in our camp, have a great chance to enjoy sightseeing around the “Blue eyes Ugii lake”.

Moreover, you are given more opportunity to have a visit the natural museum “Khustain nuruu” that’s a natural resource park where you can see the wild horses (khulan and Equus przewalskii).

Our “Ger” guest houses enable to accommodate 60 guests at once. Also 40-50 guests are served with Mongolian, Asian and European foods prepared by best specialized cooks in our “Ger” restaurants. Modern and comfortable rest rooms will meet in your comfort.


Once you are welcomed to our camp, you will be provided by the best chances to travel through natural virgin places and historical sites, have great chances to be enjoyed by marvelous hearings of smooth waves of the capital city. You are welcomed by delicious fish and other dishes, comfortable environment and warm and kind services. You are kindly invited to the “Ugii” lake!
Welcome to our camp.